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Prologue Syllabus

Page history last edited by Adrienne Rowe 11 years, 5 months ago

Prologue: The Story of Psychology


January 8


            Expectations and Course Syllabus

            Myers 8th Edition Online Access & Wiki Account Access



homework:  Myers p1-17 reading and notes

Reading: Humbled by History

Establish online account http://bcs.worthpublishers.com/myers8e/default.asp 

Syllabus and Parent Contact Sheet Contact Sheet AP2013.doc

Establish Wiki Account Access and complete the WIKI check-in AP Psychology WIKI Check-In


January 9

Roots of Psychology

            Structuralism and Functionalism

            Contemporary Perspectives in Psychology

            Contemporary Issues in Psychology


homework: Quiz - Prologue

                    Prologue Online Quizzes http://bcs.worthpublishers.com/myers8e.default.asp 

                    Discussion Question: DQ: Chapter P - The Story of Psychology


January 10

QUIZ – Prologue: The Story of Psychology

AP Essay Workshop - learn the unique structure of AP Psychology essays


homework:    Myers reading and notes p18-26 (Chapter 1)


January 11

Student Learning Objective

Supplemental Readings and Useful Websites


Humbled by History Humbled By History.pdf


PsychSim5 Tutorial Worksheet- Psychology's Timeline Myers8e timeline.pdf


Psychology, Eighth Edition. (n.d.). default. Retrieved January 7, 2011, from http://bcs.worthpublishers.com/myers8e/default.asp


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